Thoughtfull complexity beneath the surface serves taste. According to most, something rather tastes good or bad

I hate how discount wraps the illusion of materialism and hides the reality of the raw-materials our products are made of. Not everybody perhaps, but most people are attracted by discount and sale because they care about money.

Solar panels and green energy never was about money since money is useless when our world vanishes. People want solar panels on their roof because they save 'money', not because they want to spare their world.

The energy that you're spilling is rare and irreplaceable and has nothing to do with money. We pack energy in a montly bill and people respond 'its my own money' when you ask why they left the lights turned on.

It's actually bread with some vegetables and a piece of killed animal. A Big Mac almost seems like a perfect shaped 'food-object'

Eventually it seems that everybody has it's own preferences and spirit. I use to think that people who play video-games are nerds.

It's about the fact that I'm able to walk and get from one place to another. I realized that my walk probably looks really stupid or unhandy.

They are balancing between their emotions and the system and don't realize they're traveling over 30 meters per second because of the structure. Quite often I see someone driving 50mp/h, trying to stay between the white lines on the road, with a phone in their hands.

It's about the fact that you've got a house above your head and that you can aprove it the way it is and enjoy. I see others being overwelmed by someones big house or car.

Pure beauty sits deep within. Some are creating the most perfect picture using Photoshop and other editing.

You'd better spend money and gain experience because in the end money's worth nothing. I know people that save money their entire live and never spend it.

Imagine that the people had to give water to all the plants and trees on earth with nothing but a watering can. Some people hate rain.

You'd better get a personal present instead. We tend to hope that we get the biggest present on the pile.

Imagine that the people had to give water to all the plants and trees on earth with nothing but a watering can. Some people hate rain.

We don't really realize anymore that it is made from the world that surrounds us. We buy anything from a 'store'

Signt is worth nothing if you're blind for the reality. I've lost 50% of my sight, some people see everything.

Talking just describes an activity, you should speak and say. I notice that marketing is a lot about talking.

Signt is worth nothing if you haven't got a vision. I've lost 50% of my sight, and gained twice as much vision.

It's not about the place you travel, it's about the experience on the way there. We people tend to the best holiday destination as possible!

We should realize that connecting is about sharing a piece of human to one and another, by effort. Today's world is conquered by things like Facebook and Whatsapp and a thing as simple as a postcard is dissapearing.

"It's about the content,
not the package."

- Jeremy Meijer